19 Crimes: Augmented Reality

The infamous mugshots on the 19 Crimes bottles have long grabbed the attention of shoppers with their mystery, intrigue, and roguish good looks. But as a young brand in a crowded wine aisle we needed to stand out. How? By speaking up. We created the 19 Crimes app, an augmented reality experience that lets our labels speak directly to our audience.  By simply scanning a bottle with their smartphones, shoppers could bring the labels life and hear our convicts tell their side of the story.

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19 Crimes: Virtual Reality 

In select Kroger locations, our AR app was accompanied by a virtual reality experience, letting Krogers shoppers experience the confines of a prison ship on its way to Australia – just like our convicts, but without the life sentence.


Find the 19th Cork: 360º Campaign

PHASE 1: Infamous Ink

Armed only with a small budget and a roguish attitude, 19 Crimes set out to translate the story behind its name into content that would engage a jaded, millennial audience. The result?  #InfamousInk, a social media campaign that invited fans into the tattoo parlor, where influential tattoo artist Austin Maples reinterpreted each of the historical 19 crimes as an original tattoo. Over 19 weeks, we revealed Austin’s designs and shared historically-inspired content, bringing the brand story to life with a storytelling medium as unconventional as our brand.

PHASE 2: Find The 19th Cork, Win A Night of Infamy on Alcatraz

While the first half of our campaign focused on brand-awareness by depicting stories of each cork (#1-18) on social, this promotional half focused on finding the 19th cork. Those who found the cork could snap a picture to enter to win a Night of Infamy on Alcatraz (a private event hosted by TWE). The response was huge and the integration between social and digital (AR + VR were used at tastings during the in-store promotion) encouraged audiences to learn about history in a way that truly engaged their rebel ethos. 

Work for Campari included the BVI for Glen Grant's relaunch in the US as well as BVI for Russell's Reserve.